How to get the missing company file selection dropdown back

Since the recent Windows 10 updates we've come across cases where Sage 50's welcome screen (under open last company) no longer provides a dropdown option to select different databases.


This feature is supposed to return after opening several companies recently.


We found that  re-installing the Sage 50 software in full keeps the same issue. Instead, try re-creating your database shortcuts and or go to Control panel > Indexing Options > click on Advanced and then click > Rebuild.

If the issue still persists, then try the below workaround --It's simple, maybe better than all the above options!

Step 1: Go to your Start menu > All Programs, to find the Sage 50 2018 launch icon, then right-click and select pin to taskbar.


Step 2: see the image below. Once the Sage 50 icon is pinned, right-click it again, you should see a listing of all the recent files opened.


Step 3 (optional): To make sure that the options in this menu don't clear out after opening too many databases, select individual companies. You should see a pin icon to the right side of the selection, allowing you to pin it to the menu permanently.


Note*: These shortcuts will need to be re-created once a new version of Sage 50 is installed.


 If you still encounter issues with Sage 50 2018.0 on Windows 10 see our blog: Slow Performance or Crashing of Sage 50 and or contact our support team at 1-888-522-2722.

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