How to ensure you’re contacting Sage support

Halloween is next week so let's cover something scary! We're concerned with the number of  scams and fraud on the rise.  Customers are our top priority and the lifeline of our organization. We consistently operate with our customers’ best interests in mind and offer professional assistance — through online self-service options, world-class phone support, and an extensive network of business partners, certified consultants, and authorized training centers.

The Sage Customer Services team delivers an innovative advisory approach to help Sage customers better utilize and derive more value from Sage solutions. In addition to answering questions and resolving technical concerns, Sage proactively offers valuable advice on using Sage solutions to their fullest potential – helping customers realize a higher return on investment by:

  • Gaining greater insight into business activities
  • Operating business more effectively by maximizing the capabilities of Sage solutions to improve business processes
  • Improving business efficiency by leveraging Sage solutions to reduce the time, resources, effort, and cost of operations

Review our top 6 tips to be sure you are contacting “the real Sage  for software assistance. This includes:

  1. Learning to identify imposters

  2. Reading the fine print: looking for disclaimers and non-Sage branded websites

  3. Trusting your instincts: if it doesn’t seem right—it’s probably not

  4. Bookmarking official Sage Customer Resources websites

    • Sage website:
      • You can always start on the official Sage website:, to be sure the information you get is genuine.
      • Note that legitimate product and service correspondence from Sage will be provided directly from Sage from a "" domain and nowhere else; not "", "", “” and so forth.
    • Sage Support Resources website:
      • Located in Sage City (the official Sage online community), this is an easy to remember URL for finding official assistance for Sage solutions—including links to items like support forums, Sage Knowledgebase articles, Sage University training, and Chat assistance.
  5. Report it: don’t let scammers get away with fraud

    • If you believe you have been scammed, report fraud:
      • To Sage by calling 866-996-7243, our colleagues will be able to report your complaint to our Risk and Legal Services team who may follow up with you with additional questions.
      • To your local organization for the protection of consumers:
  6. How do you know you're speaking with Sage?

    • When you contact Sage, we will always ask you to verify existing contact information on your Sage account. Our teams would be able to look up your software and or service plan using serial codes or a variety of contact information.
    • As long as you have not used all of the support cases you receive annually as part of your business care plan, we will never ask you for payment for assistance that falls within our Scope of Support.
    • If you need assistance that falls outside our Scope of Support, we will refer you directly to Sage's Expert Services or Professional Services teams, or to your Sage Business Partner. In all cases, we will clearly explain the cost for the service you need.

Other steps to take if you think you've been scammed or charged by the wrong company

  • STEP 1: Call the company who charged you to request a full refund, and then dispute the charge with your credit card company.
  • STEP 2:  Inform the 3rd party company and your credit card company that the only reason you initially agreed to the service is because you were under the false pretense that you were directly in contact with Sage, not a 3rd party service provider.


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