How to connect your Office 365 to Sage 50 CA

Want to integrate your Office 365 license with Sage 50, but aren't sure how to get started? Follow these easy steps!

 Open the "Get started with Microsoft Office 365 services" email you received from Sage Solutions Admin and click the Get Started Button. You may find it useful to copy the temporary password.

On the Sage Business Center page that launches, enter the Temporary password from the email in the password slot and select Sign In.

Enter the Temporary password from the email in the Current Password slot.

Enter a New Password twice, and then click the Update password and sign in button.

Click Accept for the Sage Business Center.

Accept the Microsoft Cloud User Agreement.

Select Give permission to the Apps and Add-ins. These will include Sage Contact, Sage Sync, Sage Intelligence, and Sage 50c Capture

Click Finish on Step 3: Connect Sage 50c with Office 365 page.

On the Sage Business Centre page, click the link to go to the Office 365 Admin Centre.

On the Office 365 home window, click the OneDrive icon.

You should either get a window that OneDrive is prepared or you should get the window shown below.

Now that OneDrive is ready to accept files and you've finished the onboarding, you're ready for the Integration with Sage 50c!

To setup the connection go to the File menu > Select Office 365 Integration > Then select Connect to Office 365.


Note*: If your database is linked to Sage Drive, the above process is the same. The linking of the Sage 50 data to Office 365 may lag during initial upload and connection.


Next, you will see the Introduction screen. Click Sign In.


 You will need to sign in with your Office 365 account. Enter the administrator username and new password you created.


 You will see the screen that shows you`re signed in.


 Confirm that the company shown below is the one you want to upload, and then click Upload.


It may take some time for your company to upload.


Once your company is uploaded, select Finish.

You are now done with the integration of MS O365 with Sage 50c!

Do you need more assistance? 

We have a dedicated team available to support this 0365 integration with our Sage 50c product line available at 1-888-522-2722 option 6 or by email at: [email protected] provide your:

  • Account ID with Sage
  • Address, email and phone number.

That’s not all! Our Office 365 team is now offering premium services to help you migrate and customize Office 365 to your business needs. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.(*Business Premium License required).

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