Migrating from Sage 50cloud? How to setup the Sage -Accounting app!

This blog has been revised (during July 2018) from its original version Feb 2018.

New to Sage50cloud and Sage | Accounting CA?

If you're migrating from Sage 50cloud and want to set up the Sage | Accounting CA (formerly known as Sage One) app, look for an email that comes upon signing up for Sage 50cloud. You should have received an email with activation details. 

Note*: Sage | Accounting CA (unless it's retail bought) doesn't require an Activation Code. Simply create your trial account, enter your info and the application should automatically recognize your contact details and match them with your Account ID  linked to your Sage Business Plan subscription for Sage 50cloud. Should you have an issue email: [email protected] with your Sage Account ID, name, and contact details. 

Now, let's set up the Sage - Accounting app!

The following steps assume that you've already created your Sage Business Cloud Accounting login. The screenshots are from an iPhone SE iOS device, the app however would look similar on an Android device. 

Step 1: Download the Sage - Accounting  app from either the Apple iOS store or the Google play store.


STEP 2: Open the Sage - Accounting  (formerly Sage One) app and log in.

Note: You can also login online at www.sageone.com

STEP 3: Continue setting up the app, view the Trends, Breakdown and Compare screens. Try your hand at entering invoices!


NEXT STEPS: If you have Sage 50cloud then your next step will be one of the following:


Afterwards, you'll have options in the File menu to manage the connection.

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