Doing Payroll while in History Mode

Your new company database does not yet include your former payroll data.

Sage 50's history mode allows you to enter this missing information.

Closing history cannot be undone, so be sure to make a backup beforehand.

Enter Historical Amounts from within the Taxes tab on the employee's profile.

These opening balances will be added to the payroll Year-to-Date (YTD) total.

Automatic Tax Calculation is Unavailable in History Mode

Is your Calculate taxes automatically option greyed out and is History mode still open?

The Calculate taxes automatically option is disabled when History mode is open. The program will prompt you with the following message : "Until you finish entering payroll history details, you must calculate and enter all taxes manually…"

The purpose of this is to prevent miscalculations. The automatic tax calculation option is disabled until all history is entered. This is why the software disables this option temporarily while History Mode is still open.

This blog has been created in collaboration with Erzsi Institorisz, support analyst for Sage 50 CA

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