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  • I have been on the phone with the reps and escalated to level 2 they all said this is not possible as it is not set up in the system to do this. Do you work for Simply Randy? This happens with manual cheques only, they have looked into this and everything i need checked off is done there is nothing on my end that needs to be changed to make this happen. When entering a manual cheque it asks to allocate the hours before you can post so this shows that the hours are not allocated to the jobs they earned the vacation time on, or the system is not picking it up for manual cheques. 

  • The specific details of how allocation works depend on whether you're allocating based on hours or dollar amounts, whether time sheets are used, etc. and which accounts, especially the vacation pay accrual account, are selected for allocation. If I understand you correctly, you're running into this only when you do a manual cheque to pay out vacation without hours, that isn't based on allocated hours from time slips?
  • Hi Randy, This is when you make a manual cheque. When you run the payroll normally and add the vacation as a separate cheque after the normal cheque run it does asks you where you want to allocate the hours. If you do this during the cheque run you can add a separate check at the bottom of the list of employees using the last cheque number in that sequence before the cheque run is done and the allocations are done. When i go to make a manual cheque i uncheck the retain vacation pay in order to show this when making the cheque but it will not allocate those hours. If this was being done while incurring the hours then it should not ask you where to allocate them even during a manual cheque. When one employee has worked at different jobs each pay this can be a daunting task to try and go back to all the jobs they worked. This is especially important when dealing with construction because the jobs are bid jobs and the amount of money used for employees becomes important for the accountants.

  • Is Vacation pay cost not being calculated and applied to the project as it is accrued, rather than when it's paid? Or did you mean that the system should be calculating an allocation for the Vacation Pay percentage accrued on Vacation Paid for vacation time taken? (i.e. the 4% additional vacation on the 4% vacation already expensed) That should be possible, but too small an amount to be practical.