Buying and getting started with Sage 50 CA software

Sage 50 is GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Compliant. This means that there's an Audit trail, learn more about this here.  It is a software that is

Seriously safe and sound

When you work with Sage 50, you entrust us with your company's highly confidential business information. We take that seriously. Find out about the nuts and bolts of how Sage50's security works to keep your financial system safe and reliable below.

Physical and network security

With Sage 50 CA you have the option of using the classic desktop locally installed software for which you are responsible for all backups and data. If you do opt for a subscription service which includes Office 365 cloud storage and backup using OneDrive, then rest assured that redundant data centres are available 24/7/365 and provide full data recovery within 24 hours in the event of a major disaster. Data centre features include:

  • Multiple fiber trunks and mirrored RAID storage
  • Standby servers and redundant network components
  • Redundant uninterrupted power supplies and parallel redundant generators

Alternatively, if you choose to use our fully on the cloud, small business software, called Sage Business Cloud Accounting then you're also covered.

"Sage, along with over 1M other users including a myriad of high profile corporations uses Amazon Web Services (you can find a good list here). We have ensured that all Canadian Sage data is redundant on AWS servers in Canada. Which means that for almost all industries, although it is not a requirement of CRA to ensure the data is here in Canada (as per the wording above), that the peace of mind of our accountant and bookkeeper partners are incredibly important to us. This is also a really great example of getting feedback directly from you to make sure we are doing what is important to you as well, over and above what is technically required of us as a company. Please keep the feedback coming and we will continue to work our hardest to give you more reasons to keep choosing Sage." - Rachel Fisch, Accountant's Group Leader - Canada.

For more Q&A on what to consider about storing your data in the cloud click here

Application security

With security features built in to the Sage 50 application, you can prevent outside attacks and ensure that the right people get the right level of access to your Sage software solution. Features include:

Wondering which accounting and bookkeeping subscription will give your business a competitive edge , no matter the size and scope of your business? Sage 50 Accounting (formerly Simply Accounting) has a product to help you work faster, smarter and with confidence on the desktop or in the cloud.

Available editions perfectly fit for your accounting needs

Sage 50cloud Pro

Sage 50cloud Premium

Sage 50cloud Quantum


1 user

2-4 users

5-40 users

Compare Features!

Looking to compare all the available features? KB 73213 (FR version here) contains the latest Product Comparison and Features Chart.


Sage 50 products are designed to maximize efficiency and profitability in your business.  Sage 50 Premium is a robust accounting system with many features to help you run a successful business.  Sage 50 Quantum, the top of the Sage 50 line, includes powerful, exclusive features not found in other Sage 50 products. 

Start a free Trial or view prices for a Sage 50 CA subscription online with us here. 

Data Specs in Sage 50 CA + software migration tips

The database capacity in Sage 50 Pro vs Premium vs Quantum is the same. If your database is large and you're experiencing lots of lag, then it may be time to migrate to a more powerful software solution.


Reminder: When dazed and confused, consultants can offer the best onsite assessment of what the business needs and match it to what is available and possible. Developers can often work wonders to create the right software modification or integration.

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