• Version 2023.0 Password not working


    I upgraded to the Version 2023.0 version yesterday and any client I try and log into I am getting the message it is the incorrect password,  I know for a fact this is not the case.  System glitch?  


  • Error Message

    Does anyone have this message appearing when trying to open Sage?  I uninstalled the program and installed it again and it is still giving me the same message.

    Sage50Accounting.exe - Bad Image

    C;\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCP140.DLL is either not designed to…

  • has anyone had any issues since the recent July 2021 update when creating a new inventory item, the item won't save?

    when trying to make a new inventory item, once all the fields are complete, the item just won't save.

  • Bank Reconciliation Problem

    I've used Sage 50 for a long time. I just set up a new company and entered my first set of journals. I did the first bank rec. and entered the open balance of $500.00 on the bank statement. All transactions were reconciled (no outstanding). However the…

  • Enabling Bank reconciliation

    Sage 50 has changed a lot since I started using it a few years ago. I started a new company. Did my first batch of journal entries. Bank reconciliation of my main bank account wants me to setup. I follow the  instructions. The OK box is still greyed out…

  • LTD Benefits paid 100% by employee

    Looking to find information on the correct posting for LTD Benefits 100% paid by employee.

    The LTD payment by employee is being posted to LTD Payable account 2000 through the Payable module

    The LTD payment made to the insurance company is being paid in…

  • HST

    I am hoping someone can help me.

    How would I enter an invoice from supplier without HST?

  • funder coding


    How do I calculate the expense for each funder coding in sage 50?

  • Uninvoiced Goods and Services account


    How do I create Uninvoiced Goods and Services account in the chart of accounts sage 50?

  • How can I reset a password for an updated company?

    So this company was updated and I was not prompted to create a password or username. Now I am trying to open said company and it is requiring a password and username. Is there anyway I can get into it without these credentials, or can I reset the password…

  • Payroll Taxes

    I discovered that my payroll taxes are not calculating correctly.  I had to do it manually on Canada Revenue website (PDOC) at the start of the new year because I noticed Sage was not taking off enough taxes compared to previous years payroll.  I am working…

  • Simply Premium 2012 CA Fiscal Year Close

    I have been using Simply Premium 2012 CA since 2012.  I have been doing Fiscal Year Closing every year without any problem.  I did the year end process for 2020.  After the year end process the current fiscal year range shown in the system is 01-01-2021 to…

  • posting to accounts payable after advancing to new year

    i advanced my session date to a new year , both calendar and fiscal , i have a session date of jan 10,2021 but when i try to post a payable it states that it can be posted because the date has to be between jan 1 and december 31, 2020.   i can't post a…

  • bank feed CIBC

    I love using the bank feed but my account says it is up to date but the last time it downloaded was Dec 22 and it's Jan 7. Would this be the banks issue or Sage?

  • How do change the fiscal year without adding Historical transactions?

    Hi.  Just setting up a new company from Dynamics.

    Their year-end is May 31st.  In order to have historical transactions, I started the company as of 2019.  Entered the GL historical amounts, then entered each month's adjustments for the year 2019~2020.…

  • Sage Drive 50 CAD

    I had access to a clients data via Sage Drive.  I try to connect now and I get an error of Sage Drive Download has failed.  Try again later.

    Please help

    Thank you

    Isabelle Parker

  • Sage asking for login

    I updated our Sage 50 Pro Accounting from 2020.1 to 2020.2 and now it is asking for a user name and password.  I dont know about this I have tried "sysadmin" and the sage ID login but it does not work.  I called but no response.  I chatted with…

  • Opening balances are not working?

    I am trying to set up a new company, using the Leadsheet Summary from the accountant with the opening account balances.   I have more-than- triple-checked the entries!  But get the message that the accounts are not balanced.   What to do?

    Do I  need to enter…

  • Splitting corporate starting values amongst departments

    Hello, Sage 2020 was installed. We started a company in Sage and started entering some historical data. Linked Accounts were finalized.

    Now, I realize per Puriboo's book that we should not have linked the accounts quite yet.

    I wanted to spread 'opening…

  • Sign in/password issue ? installed Sage Pro Premium Canadian edition

    I installed Sage 50 Premium Canadian edition.  Set up password for Sage and Sage drive.  Now when I go to sign in it opens up Sage drive I enter password and states I have a vaild ID but contact Admin for sign in. I am the admin. What did I do :)  and fi…

  • Setting up new computerized accounting for a not-for-profit.

    I am currently using a manual system of bookkeeping and I want to set up the bookkeeping on Sage 50. I'm trying the 30 day trial to start. We have one business number and one bank account. We are currently fundraising and taking donations for a major addition…

  • Sage 50 pro with payroll 2019

    I am shopping around for Sage 50 pro with payroll 2019, and I am getting confused. Most places, such as Sage sell only the download. I was offered a price of 872$ versus 599.99$ at Staples. I found a Staples store that has the CD kit for 499$, but was…

  • Bank Rec

    I have recently started to set up a company that was using Sage but not the bank Rec feature since 2015.  The system will not allow me to process my first month transactions.  I spent today in a live chat with Sage who told me to dump my bank rec file and…

  • Ontario payroll changes rollback

    Minutes after I installed the latest update 2018.3, i received an email from the CRA that the new Ontario government is rolling back the changes. So now my program has the rates that were supposed to start on July 1st, but in the end won't. I have a payroll…

  • Setting up assets in history mode


    I am new to Sage. I am running Sage 50 Premium. I need help in setting up the accounts to set up my fixed assets. I am coming from a manual system so I am entering all of my info in history mode at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated…