• Microsoft Office 365 Features and Benefits - Sage 50 Cloud (Quantum level) Canadian version

    Hi everyone,

    We have been looking for information on detailed features and benefits of integrating Sage 50 Cloud Canadian version to Microsoft Office 365. We asked Sage support and asked for a call back through the main website specifically for O365 to…

  • Posting an invoice, line items getting added.

    Our software imports invoices into Sage 50 Canadian edition via the SDK. For a couple customers, it seems line items are getting added in that we are not creating when the invoice is posted. 

    After trolling through the database it seems like these line…

  • Windows 11

    Is Windows 11 fully compatible with Sage 50 - Canadian Edition?

    Will Edge work as a replacemwnt for Internet Explorer?


  • API with Sage 50

    Hello, could someone guide me where I can get instructions on how to do API with Sage 50 CA?

    Thank you

  • Microsoft 365 verse Autoentry

     I am trying to decide whether to sign up for the AutoEntry application or Microsoft 365.   What is the best system for remote entry for receipts etc.  

  • So where do we download the Sage 50 CA SDK now?

    So now that Sage has overhauled their website, I can no longer find a way to download the SDK. I used to be able to find it on the public facing site, but now they've made sure to make no mention of it. All the old links suggesting how to download the SDK…

  • Sage 50 ODBC Connection

    I try to connect MS Excel to Sage file via ODBC. I got following message:

    Details: "ODBC: ERROR [IM014] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver (32-bit) and Application (64-bit)"

    I am using Windows 10 64-bit…

  • TotalTaxAmount SetTaxAmountByRow not working


    I am trying to update invoice's total tax  using below code

    TaxSummaryInfo taxSummaryInfo = journal.GetTotalTaxAmountInfo();
    if (taxSummaryInfo.GetCount() > 0)
    double totalTax = 10;
    taxSummaryInfo.SetTaxAmountByRow(1, totalTax);

  • Windows 7

    I have no intention of upgrading to Windows 10. Will Sage continue to work if I continue to install updates?


  • Get all active Sales Taxes


    I am trying to get all active Tax Codes and iit's taxes using .NET SDK.

    From tTaxAuth table, I can get all Taxes ,from tTaxCode I am able to get all taxcodes and from tTxCdDtl table I am able to get Tax rate for each Taxcode's tax.

    I have removed…

  • Missing MAPI32.DLL in .dll files loaded by the application - Can't send invoices through Outlook

    Hil guys and galls,

    I've been looking for a reason why I can't send my invoices by e-mail through Sage 50 and, after having read so many topics in the forums, I finally found out a very probable reason : my Sage 50 application seems to not load the MAPI32…

  • What are current regedit or gpedit fixes to bypass MAPI popups CLICK TO RUN Office 365?

    These worked in the past (Outlook 2010), but are not fixing the popups this time around with Outlook 2016 via Office 365 (click to run install).
    (see pics)

    Also, in Outlook Trust Center, Programmatic access is set to "never warn me..." but apparently…

  • SalesJournal SetShipDate The field you are trying to change or function you are calling is not accessible under current circumstance.

    Hello Friends,

    I am using SAGE 2019.1 SDK for importing invoice in my application.

    I am getting error at the time of SetShip date "The field you are trying to change or function you are calling is not accessible under current circumstance.".

  • DLL reference

    This is probably pretty straight forward, but could someone point me in the right direction? I am new to Windows programming, and even though I followed the SDK and have copied all the respective dll's into my development folder, when I try to open a…

  • 2019.1 CA SDK download?

    Is there a 2019.1 Canadian edition SDK update available? We just updated our Sage 50 to 2019.1 but when I look for the SDK, the only version I can find is for 2019.0 and 2019.1 US edition.

  • SDK question


    can someone point me to the right place to ask questions about Sage 50 Premium Accounting (trial) SDK integration in C# ?

    Lots of support links and phone numbers are broken and lead nowhere..

    Also, I get asked a customer id, and a chat bot told…

  • Sage 50 CA Integration using MySQL ODBC issue with Ports


    We are working to integrate data from Sage 50 CA 2017 (General Ledger transactions mainly) to a Microsoft SQL Server table as a staging place to then bring into another application. We are able to this successfully by creating a MySQL ODBC (5.a…

  • System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func19() Error

    I upgraded our sage .Net SDK to 2018.0. But now when I run our application and try to access sage data I get an exception: System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func19()

    on this line of code: 


  • Sage 50 Prem Acct 2017.2 Outlook

    We are currently using Outlook 2007.  Please advise if there is a new version we can or should be using.



  • Get list of Invoices .NET SDK 2017.1


    I want to get the list of all invoice from sage50 with the .NET SDK 2017.1

    I have tried to use 

    SalesJournal salJourn = SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenSalesJournal();
    List<LookupLine> lines = salJourn.GetLookupList(string.Empty, DateTime.MinValue…

  • Using Sage 50 premium version 2017.1 and email not syncing

    I noticed about a month ago people were not receiveing my quotes that were sent via email through simply.  When I click on the add in button in microsoft outlook 2010 the and choose to sync. with sage 50 data file, it comes up with the message that that…

  • Can't open Sage Connection using .Net ConnectionManager and EntityFramework

    I need to be able to read the Sage DB using EntityFramework (EF), and The SDK Connection Manager.

    Other users are currently working with this company. You may open the company in multi-user mode or wait for the other users to stop using the company and…

  • Emailing from Sage has stopped working

    Hi we use Sage 50 Can edition. just transferred everything to a new desk top. Issue cannot email Invoices from sage I get the following screen: An unknown error occurred connecting to SMTP server. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections…

  • Why is "Pay Later" never properly selected?


    I have this issue where all invoices created from the below code are always created with payment method "Cash", even though I make it "Pay Later". Also, the invoices have a "PAID" stamp on them, which they shouldn't according to SAGE users here…

  • sage 2012 and windows 10

    I recently upgraded my computer to windows 10.  I am trying to open one of my client's file using Simply premium 2012.  As soon as I select the icon for simply I get an error message saying Sage Simply Accounting 2012 has stopped working.  it goes through…