• Remote Data Access

    I am new to RDA. I am the bookkeeper for my client and we recently were set up with RDA by Sage Support.

    I am now trying to do some work on the file. So when I get to the point where the software wants me to save the file to my computer and I click on…

  • Microsoft Office 365 Features and Benefits - Sage 50 Cloud (Quantum level) Canadian version

    Hi everyone,

    We have been looking for information on detailed features and benefits of integrating Sage 50 Cloud Canadian version to Microsoft Office 365. We asked Sage support and asked for a call back through the main website specifically for O365 to…

  • Sage SDK 2023: Method not found "System.MissingMethodException: 'Method not found: 'System.String Sage.Simply.Work.Repository.get_Func31()'.'"

    We have a custom program developed that connects to the sage file and our ERP, and pushed the invoices into Sage. (C#)
    Everything worked prior with 2022.3 SDK. Recently upgraded the software on all machines to Sage 2023.0, and had to install the SDK for…

  • Can the Receivables Module be used as Point of Sale software?

    Hi there,

    I am very new to Sage and am still learning lots about it.  I recently purchased a company (motel and gift shop) that rings in its sales using an old cash register, with little to no way to track inventory, sales transactions, etc.  We have a…

  • Issue with SDK version 2023

    I have an application that imports invoices to SAGE 50 CA using SDK. It’s written in C#.
    Until version 2022.3 it worked perfectly. I always updated the SAGE 50 and matching SDK as they became available.
    Today, I updated the Sage application and…

  • Posting an invoice, line items getting added.

    Our software imports invoices into Sage 50 Canadian edition via the SDK. For a couple customers, it seems line items are getting added in that we are not creating when the invoice is posted. 

    After trolling through the database it seems like these line…

  • Sage 50 cloud

    We currently are running Sage 50 Pro Canadian 2022.2 and are looking to move to the cloud.  How does one find out if the 3rd party software we use will be compatible?  Are there any tips on how to prepare or is it seamless?

    Any input would be appreciated…

  • Deluxe Payroll and Sage 50

    Hi everyone,

    We are currently using Deluxe (Nebs) payroll format to pay all our employees. Once we close payroll, we have to manually input all entries into Sage 50 in order to post/print the cheques for the employees that are not direct deposit.


  • Auto Entry and Remote Data Access

    I have just moved to using Sage 50 CA with Remote Data Access. I have just logged in to use auto entry and I am getting the following error message. "A Company Shared with Remote Data Access in Sage cannot be accessed with the Sync App when it is…

  • Hubdoc for Sage 50?

    We always recommend Sage to our clients, but lately, we've had some customers asking about Hubdoc. does anyone know if Hubdoc works with Sage 50? The Hubdoc website is pretty vague.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Move Sage 50 company data to the cloud


    We're a small tax team with 2 users providing payroll tax etc. services to about 10 clients. We've been running Sage 50C on server/workstation environment forever but it's no longer making sense financially to maintain a server and Sage software of…

  • Sage 50 vs the cloud

    So my bosses are talking about using the cloud I am not familiar with this? Could someone help to explain it. Does it just mean that everything is saved to the cloud instead of on a hard drive? if that is correct has anyone had any problems that I would…

  • Windows 11

    Is Windows 11 fully compatible with Sage 50 - Canadian Edition?

    Will Edge work as a replacemwnt for Internet Explorer?


  • Getting data out of Sage50cloud programatically...

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so excuse me if not. I'm trying to extract data from Sage fully programmatically (no user intervention required). We have a "hybrid" setup where the data is in the cloud (sort of?) and also on local MySQL…

  • Stripe versus PayPal versus Paya - your thoughts

    I am about to setup a client and will likely recommend that they setup the online payments.  I am looking for user experiences with the three methods currently available for use with Sage 50 Canada.  Please chime in with the good and the bad! 

    Thank you…

  • Sage 50 CA integration with ConnectWise

    We are looking into moving our service desk system into ConnectWise and i am interested to know if anyone here has experience in integrating the Accounting aspect into Sage 50.

    Any tips, pros and cons in integration will be much appreciated.



  • New Sage 50cloud User - Data Uploads from Another Country

    Our company has two offices, one in Calgary Canada and our original office in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Previously all of books were tracked through a Sage 50 user in Aberdeen. When she went to transition both our offices accounts onto the cloud version, we…


    I have set up with Telpay and everything is great with the employee part, but when I do my vendors nothing  happens, I called Telpay support they say Sage has me in Exclusive mode , has anyone heard of this before , Sage tells me they dont know

  • Tables where client invoice paid details are stored


    Could someone provide me the AT Invoice Payment table name?   We need this for an integration with a CRM.  Specifically we need to know what are the outstanding balances owen by our clients.   We made the same inquiry before but unfortunately the response…

  • RDA and Sage 50 Canada

    with the new update Autoentry can be used via RDA with Sage 50 Canada. 

    I have linked them as per directions. Under "view users" I see the 3rd party program linked. It uploads a few invoices and then it stops uploading and no longer see the third program…

  • Komet-Sage 50 Integration

    My client is processing both client and supplier invoices through Komet and then manually entering that same data in Sage 50 (Canadian Edition). 
    I am looking for an integrator to develop a tool that would allow for the creation of "IMP" files (the Sage…
  • API with Sage 50

    Hello, could someone guide me where I can get instructions on how to do API with Sage 50 CA?

    Thank you

  • Project/Job Costing for Machine Shop

    Hello! I am finding Sage 50 'lacking' in the project costing area. Specifically, we need entry/sort fields to get more specific reports from our timecards. I enter all job information through the timecard billing section to do payroll, but have to do…

  • Sage 50 Canadian Edition and Shopify Integration


    Does anyone have any information on whether or not Sage 50 will integrate with Shopify for an ecommerce solution with inventory integration?

    I have come up with a few old posts but have not seen if there is a current integration option that would…

  • Sage50 Accounting Consultant who can Develop an EDI map between our DiOMS Order Management System and Sage50 Quantum Accounting

    Looking for a Sage50 consultant in the Ontario Region(close to Ottawa) who can build an EDI map for a PO(850) and Invoice(810) into Sage50 Accounting?  Copies of the documents and fields be provided.   

    Please advise,