• Clear AR and AFDA.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question regarding clearing an AR balance and a recorded allowance for doubtful accounts. My client’s previous bookkeeper recorded an allowance for doubtful accounts many years ago when an amount was deemed uncollectible. The…

  • Bank Rec - "Bank Rules" is greyed out....why?

    Uploaded Bank Statements to a client file....wanted to set up matching but no joy: the Bank Rules feature is greyed-out. I can add/post transactions manually, but am unable to set up rules to process automatically. Any reason for this?

  • Remote Access

    Good day all.  I have Sage Accountant license.  I have a client who has their own limited number of licenses.  I want to log in remotely, or via VPN.  They set my computer up with VPN, however they think I cannot log in to their Sage 50 without using one…

  • New Sage 50 Update

    I just did my update for the new version of Sage 50 Canada and have tried to login but it is telling me that my user name and or password is not correct

    any suggestions

  • Suddenly Unable to Log In to Sage

    Yesterday morning I was using Sage no problem, then all of a sudden after my lunch break I was no longer able to log in. I have updated and restarted my computer, but that didn't help. The version of Sage is current and I am the only one in the company…

  • Post multiple line items to same account

    When I record daily cash sales, is there a way to create the invoice entry so that multiple line items are posted to the cash account.  Now when I record separate invoice line items for Mastercard, Visa, and Debit, these are added together and posted a…

  • Closing the books question

    Hello, we are a medium size company currently using QBO. Once our accountant closes the books I am unable to make any changes to estimates. Is that a similar flaw in Sage 50? It causes me a lot of extra work because I frequently edit and update old estimates…

  • Ship-Via

    New user here: How do I set up a Ship-Via for a will call collection that doesn't add a credit to their account? The customer pays for shipping and their logistics collects the items from our consolidators.

  • Bank reconciliation

    I have deleted my bank recs with the help of Sage support. They were not supposed to wipe out all my bank recs.  I told Sage I did NOT want to back up and reset anything I just wanted to restart March (was not posted) So I do not have a back up to open…

  • Journal entry numbers change when adjusting previous entries

    Why do the Journal numbers change when I adjust previous transactions? When I edit it , it counts it as another JE. I did up to 11 entries, but it says there's up to J45. 

  • Schedule an invoice

    Hello, can you help me to understand how can I create an email today with a future issue data, and make sure that it will be sent authomatically on that future date? Thank you, Tancredi 

  • Are 'automatic transactions' possible in Sage?

    Our IT guy has another client which is a medical office.

    The medical office curretly uses Sage 50 but is looking at switching to Quickbooks, because apparently, Quickbooks offers 'automatic' transactions.

    As far as I know, there are no automatic…

  • How can I book a journey entry for convert from CAD to USD?

    How can I book a journey entry for convert from CAD to USD? Which one is correct in below?
    DR: bank - USD 100
    realized exchange rate gain/loss 30
    CR: bank - CAD 130
    DR: bank - USD 100 (CAD128 if I can setting the exchange in Sage 50)

    Not sure which JE…

  • How to adjust Accounts Payable

    Took on a new client and had to create open balance sheet in Sage 50 from Dec 31, 2021 T2.  I now have payments made in Jan 2022 for invoices posted in previous year (accounts payable) however I can not adjust via journal entry.  How do I reduce AP?  Th…

  • T3

    This is my first time to record a T3 in my corporate bookkeeping.  I have these information:



    Book Cost

    Market Value

    Unrealized gain or loss

    How do I record them?  I already recorded the amount of investment under INVESTMENTS.  It doesn't help…

  • WSIB surplus credit - how to enter

    WSIB notified me that the entire industry sector (construction) had overpaid on premiums so they have issued a credit on our account - this is not actually a cheque but a balance on their system that any payments can be made against.

    My question is how…

  • how do i do an inquiry into a general ledger account

    how do i do an inquiry into a general ledger account

  • Remittance and tax discrepancies


    My payroll remittance and tax amounts are showing different than the initial payments I have made.

    for example in de 2021 sage is showing  following numbers but I at the time of payment it was totally a different amount.

    CPP $8011.22

    EI $3422.40


  • Paid a personal bill using my company credit card, how to record this?

    I accidentally paid a personal bill using my corporate Visa card. How do I record this and how do I reimburse for this? Thanks

  • Entry for a GIC used as a security deposit for a nee credit card

    We are a new company. We are using a GIC as a security deposit for a new corporate credit card. Which accounts would I use to record this?

  • bill of material - adding labour

    how do I add labor to a bill of material as an item not as 'additional cost'  (premium edition)

    why don't service items show on the build-tab

  • Recording an asset

    Hi Everyone,

    New to the system so I am still trying to figure things out. 

    What's the best way to record an asset in Sage 50? There is an asset account for tools, which is the asset I'm looking to add. Do I input it as a general journal entry with the…

  • Void previous year cheque and remove from bank reconciliation

    I have one cheque that was written in 2021 but lost.  I need to VOID this cheque and reissue in 2022.  I can reverse the original payment with a JE so the new cheque will zero out the 2022 expense.  This will ensure that my expense stays in 2021 and does…

  • Considerations for starting new books for a company with 5 years of data

    I've been in the Quickbooks world for a long time and just refamiliarizing myself with Sage. I'm using Sage 50 Local, I hope this is the right discussion forum.

    I have a client/company that needs his bookkeeping brought up to date, there's about…

  • Easier way to reverse accruals?

    We are on Sage 50 Quantam and it's quite cumbersome to reverse accruals. I am not sure if I am missing a feature here, but is there any way to automatically reverse entries on the next month or even manually select a button? There has to be something…