Remote Data Access not working on weekends?

The last two weekends in a row SAGE won't let me log on to our program. I get a message coming up that says "the company cannot be opened. It appears that services related to Remote Data Access or login are not operating as expected. Unfortunately one or more Safe services that you use to access this company are not working as expected. These issues may resolve right away. You may need to wait a while and try to open this company later" 

Last weekend it was a different error message, but it wouldn't allow me to start the program the entire weekend. I had others with different login in our same company and they get the same messages, therefore I know it isn't just my computer issue. Magically monday morning when I tried it again it all worked just like it normally does......and worked the same all week....and now we are the weekend again and NOT WORKING. 

There is not SAGE support on the weekends to help with this, therefore I'm reaching out to see if there is updates or something now scheduled on the weekends that might be effecting this?  

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