Posting back more than the previous year

Hi, just wondering if there is ANY version that will allow you to post to more than 1 year previous to the current year. 

I have an odd situation, and I've got a hillbilly solution, but I was wondering if there was a legit Sage product that will allow it. Accountant's version perhaps? Quantum? 

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    No, there is no Sage 50 edition that allows posting to more than the current year and the most previous year. This is purposely designed as most companies don't want their books adjusted after the taxes have been filed. If your adjustment is for the next previous year you can always make the entries effective on the first day of the prior year. This entry, however, will have no effect on the revenue and expense accounts as you will have to use the Asset and Liability accounts and the prior year equity account if required. The effects of this entry will flow through to the current year.

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    If its really necessary to post to a history year contact me [email protected] 

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    Thanks, Greg, for replying. I was thinking of you when making my comments but could not find your contact information. I will now try to keep it handy.