Which version of Sage 50 is best for international use, the Canadian or U.S. version?

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It may surprise you to know that both the U.S. and Canadian versions of Sage 50 are in demand by small businesses internationally. You read right, from Hong Kong to Panama and Nigeria these software versions are in demand.

The draw in interest may be Sage 50 CA's multicurrency abilities and bilingual French / English user interface. Though Sage 50 US has an English only user interface, the U.S. Dollar is the world's reserve base currency. Therefore, should an international business need to report financial statements in U.S. Dollars, many may prefer to just use software 100% based on the $. Converting the exchange rate of their transactions as they come in.

Note that Sage 50 small business software is designed primarily to meet the tax requirements of each version's country of origin. Another option for small business, (see more details below) is to use our 100% cloud based software, Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Larger businesses who need to meet international sales or payroll tax requirements, can acquire licenses to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite software built for international use. Such software will automatically handle exchange rates and government compliance requirements. Our network of partners and consultants extends internationally for our ERP software as well. 

If intending to use a North American based software internationally, be sure to have a trained support resource in place who is available in your time zone.

Setting up multicurrency in Sage 50 CA

Below are some resources for how to set up Sage 50 CA's multicurrency features:

KB title



Multi-currency: Foreign currency bank account



Multicurrency setup in Sage Accounting

Another option for small business, is to use Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Multi-currency is explained in this new video in English and French. SBCA is very flexible, you can use it from anywhere, via a browser or through the Sage Accounting app. There's no limit on users who can access your profile, however you are limited to just having one company database. Sage Accounting requires a good internet connection to access it. More details about this product and its' features can be found here.

Recently, added is the feature to add Bank Accounts for Foreign Currencies, see this video.

Contacting sales

Sage 50 CA or SBCA can be purchased through a box at a store like Staples or from our sales team directly by phone at 1-888-261-9610.


Please note that we do not sell software to regions of the world with sanctions.

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