Cyber Security and Sage 50 CA

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The 8th layer of cyber security is humans; it's also a great podcasHeadphoneswhich tells us that human error is the main way that organizations get compromised. To lead cyber security awareness well, you need to understand things like marketing, communication, psychology, human behaviour and so much more.

Yet there's a gap between intentions and behaviour. Security awareness doesn't equate to security behaviour. There's often many things we know but have no intention to perform.  We may have a knowledge of things to make our lives better but the vast majority of us don't follow through. Old patterns creep back in.

Out of this flow 3 realities:

  1. Just because I'm aware, doesn't mean that I care
  2. If we try to work against human nature, we will fail
  3. What our employees do, is way more important than what we know
    • In the moment action, is part of the cause.

How people behave is the key. In previous blogs, we've explored the  5 Step Process to improving cybersecurity and we've also shared our Top 6 tips to be sure you are contacting “the real Sage” for software assistance.

The main one to remember is Tip 3: Trust your instincts

  • Don’t send money or give out personal and/or bank details to someone you are not sure is acting under Sage authorization—whether it comes as a text, phone call, or email.
  • Don’t click any links or open attachments unless you are expecting the email or know who it is from. If you do receive an unexpected email with links or attachments, contact Sage using one of the resources below.

Sage 50 CA in product access to Sage Support Resources

Sage 50 CA has a Help menu on its' main screen where support resources are directly embedded;

Use these links and or visit directly to select your region and country for quick access to help, including chat links.

Bonus: Reporting Spam Text Messages Speech balloon

Have you become increasingly bothered by the increase in spam received via text message to your cellphone? Did you know there's recourse? Check with your phone company to see if you can forward the message and sender's phone number to #7726 (SPAM). See here for steps on how to do this on Android and or iOS.

Stay tuned for more on how to protect yourself from becoming an unsuspecting victim of financial fraud. 



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