How do I know I'm contacting Sage for assistance with my software?

There may be times that you need our help and we want you to be comfortable knowing you are getting the assistance that you're looking for.

There are several ways for you to contact us! Many of our products offer assistance through chat which is accessible in-product via the Help menu. But what if you can't open your product? You may resort to Google or other search engines to find this information. Search engines are a great resource, but you cannot always be sure that Google results will lead you to the correct page for the Sage Business Care support contact information.

Sage has several trusted support resources available such as Sage City, the knowledgebase, and Sage University, from which you can reach the chat team. In Sage City you can also collaborate with others that use the same Sage product, including some of our partners if you are looking for assistance with things such as customization.

The knowledgebase allows you to look for articles written by our analysts in customer-friendly terms. These articles cover a wide-variety of topics from how you use your product, how to fix potential error messages, and even how to contact us for support! You can also open a Chat or a support ticket in our Customer Portal.

Though all of our websites and emails include or as part of the domain, there are some websites with very similar domain names. If you are looking at a website or email and are not sure if it is owned by or coming from Sage, be sure to read the content completely looking for any disclaimers.

One thing to keep in mind is that for most products, the hours of support are from 9 am - 8pm ET. If you need assistance outside of those hours, and are unable to find answers in Sage City, the knowledgebase, or Sage University, we do have partners and certified consultants that can offer assistance. Please note that these services normally come with a fee.