Free learning - Supporting our customers / Apprentissage gratuit pour soutenir nos clients

We are all being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and having to learn new ways of managing our businesses. Sage wants to help our customers through this time by providing complimentary training. We've combed through our library of courses and highlighted content we feel will be the most relevant and beneficial.

These courses will be available at no charge to you from April 7th through May 31st. In order to access this training, you will need to register for the course(s) that interest you. The Any Time Learning courses, and Certification Examinations must be used within 60 days of registration. In order to see the training available please visit one of the links below.

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Nous sommes tous touchés par la pandémie de COVID-19 et constatons la nécessité d'apprendre de nouvelles façons de gérer nos entreprises. Sage veut aider nos clients à travers cette période en offrant une formation complémentaire. Nous avons choisi le contenu de notre bibliothèque de cours qui nous semble être le plus pertinent et le plus bénéfique.

Ces cours seront disponibles gratuitement du 7 avril au 31 mai 2020. Pour accéder à cette formation, vous devrez vous inscrire au (x) cours qui vous intéressent. Les cours d'apprentissage en tout temps  et les examens de certification doivent être utilisés dans les 60 jours suivant l'inscription. Pour voir la formation disponible, veuillez visiter l'un des liens ci-dessous.

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Sage University CA - Votre ressource de formation Sage

  • The Property Management set of 17 ATLs (anytime learning, eLearning) is now among the available, free training. Register by May 31st, and take up to 60 days from the date you register to access the learning content as often as you wish. 

  • Thank you for your interest in learning more about using Sage products.

    For Property Management, there are two learning resources among the free training options that you might find of use right away. Also - next week our Property Management ATL (anytime learning) will be added to the free training content. Please follow the links to the Free Training page. Select Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. The next screen will include Job Cost and Payroll learning packages among the free ATLs. Select a package and then click on "view course details" for a table of contents.

    Some Sage customers who develop real estate and manage properties tell us that there are several topics to support their property management business in each of those learning packages. In the Job Cost and Payroll packages, you’ll find dozens of ATLs.

    The Property Management ATL package will be added mid-to-late next week. I suspect that content will be much more on-target for what you want to learn. We hope that helps.

    Thanks again for the note. We wish you the very best in the current situation.

  • Nothing for Property Management. Very limited courses, come on guys, be more generous, everyone is having a hard time now UnamusedUnamused

  • I am looking forward to do the free learning provided by Sage.