• Sage X3 SSO Authentication through Azure AD (SAML2)

    This is a slightly more up to date version of Casey's article here, so let's dive right into it.

    If you are up to exposing your Sage X3's environment to the public, it is strongly recommended that you avoid using X3's standard authentication method…

  • Sage X3 GraphQL Connectivity

    As you may already know, starting Sage X3 2021 R2 (V12), a new integration pathway has been introduced; the mighty GraphQL. Invented by Facebook to used internally back in 2012, GraphQL has gained massive popularity for its lightweight query and response…

  • How can I move a field from one section to another?


    Is there a way I can move Shipment site field from delivery tab to Home in X3 V12 in sales order screen?

    Can you please help?

  • Misc. Table Value deletion

    Good day,

    Has any one encountered an issue where they try to delete values from a misc. Table and get a type incompatibility error? 

    When deleting the table, I know you have to remove the references on tables, screens and classes, but even then you cannot…

  • MRP net results always out by the internal allocation quantity

    It seems in Enterprise management when we run MRP and there are internally allocated quantities our net result is always out by this number.

    Has anyone experienced this and how can we resolve.

    An example is shown below based on client data


    On the Component…

  • GIC Import template (Inter-company journal import)

    I am trying to import an inter company journal in Enterprise Management using template code GIC.

    On the detail lines we have a tax codes but these are not importing.

    Everything else imports correctly expect for the fact that the tax code field is always…

  • Deactivated New button in Fiscal year creation

    Good day.

    Working SAGE X3

    Am in Common data>G/L accounting tables>Fiscal periods.

    Am trying  to create a new Fiscal year for 2018.

    The new button to the uppermost left is not working. It cannot be clicked, looked deactivated

    Attached is my screen.

  • can not create a Fiscal year in sage x3

    Good day.
    Am working with Sage x3 6.5

    Am on CommonData---General Ledger---Fiscal year.

    I cannot create for  Fiscal period as well

    I have companies listed to the right

    I had even opened the Financials--Utilities, but i cannot open a Fiscal year

    The issue is…

  • Sage X3 - Crystal Report error "The system cannot find the path specified."

    i am frequently facing error below while try to print new customization report.

    I've tried the following:
    1) Run and preview the report successfully in Crystal Report Tool
    2) Connection is correct, as others customized reports are running well.



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  • V11 _how to_goods-services-tax-gst-report

    Hi All

    I was really excited to read about the new additions to X3 in relation to GST. (GESGST).  However  I am interested to know if anyone is using it?

    The report only works for invoices processed through sales, purchases, Accounts payable and Accounts…