• Sage X3 GraphQL Connectivity

    As you may already know, starting Sage X3 2021 R2 (V12), a new integration pathway has been introduced; the mighty GraphQL. Invented by Facebook to used internally back in 2012, GraphQL has gained massive popularity for its lightweight query and response…

  • Costing

    How much does Sage X3 cost?

  • Payment Proposal issue - Sage X3 PU9

    We are a management services company managing around forty non-related entities.

    Invoices rendered by the umbrella company to the customer-entities are auto-posted in the customer's Purchasing module, via a customised inter-company process, however, credits…

  • Has anyone ever had to figure out how to manage variable BOM's?

    The issue I am having is that I have a header product with a service product on the route that can be purchased from two different suppliers - fairly standard stuff. I then have the issue that one supplier uses our materials (which is fine as there is…

  • Deleted Depreciation Plan

    In the previous FY users somehow managed to delete Depr'n Plans for all subsequent FY's.

    The action was apparently prompted by a Log Reading generated from 'Status of Contexts/ Posting Tab / Depreciation charges not posted', indicating that they…

  • Sage X3 - Crystal Report error "The system cannot find the path specified."

    i am frequently facing error below while try to print new customization report.

    I've tried the following:
    1) Run and preview the report successfully in Crystal Report Tool
    2) Connection is correct, as others customized reports are running well.



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  • V11 _how to_goods-services-tax-gst-report

    Hi All

    I was really excited to read about the new additions to X3 in relation to GST. (GESGST).  However  I am interested to know if anyone is using it?

    The report only works for invoices processed through sales, purchases, Accounts payable and Accounts…

  • Manual Lookup Screen

    Hi, i am working with 4GL and manually created a lookup screen.
    However, i have facing some issue and causes the lookup screen not able to function properly

    1)  'Search' function is not working. When i mouse click on Search area, the lookup screen close directly…

  • Grid Line Deletion


    i want to add in validation once click 'Delete' in the Grid/Table but before the line of record remove.

    if the validation = 'False', the line of record remine unchange

    i have been trying many time but still not able to get 'Delete…

  • Welcome to the Sage X3 - Australia forum!

    Welcome to the Sage X3 - Australia discussion forum.  Please feel free to post your questions here so other members of the Sage X3 Support Group on Sage City, including peers and Sage employees, will see it and can reply back if they have information to…