Sage X3 MRP Setup

I am a new  user of Sage X3 Ver 12,

When we run MRP, the system always suggest to purchase parts to cover Safety Stock, 

Even though we have plenty of purchase order to cover the safety stock, still generating suggestions continuously.

Sage X3 need the safety stock as of now, Does not consider the lead time or the Purchase orders in place to cover.

The purchase orders are in place to cover the safety stock does not assign to the safety stock, so keep suggesting to order again and again

Did few changes to the setup parameters and product site based on some information from the forums, but did not generate any good outcome.

When Replace Safety Stock set to Always > continuously suggesting to purchase even though we have purchase orders to cover Safety Stock

When Replace Safety Stock set to At First Suggestion > suggest to purchase when first demand (from SO or WO), but wont suggest again when the stock falls below safety stock

unless gets another demand from SO (Sales Order) or WO (Work Order).

In our case most of the SO come and go within few minutes, never stay open in the system enough to be detected under MRP Processing time.

So just eating safety stock, but not generating any suggestions to cover safety stock. 

Any one has gone through this Scenario in Sage X3, or any potential solutions.