• MicrOpay Error

    I've a single user who is seeing error messages when trying to log in

    1. We updated MicrOpay from version 8.3 to 8.3 B2 hoping to fix it, no change
    2. Uninstall and reinstall, no change
    3. Uninstall using an uninstaller utility - to attempt to clean it u…
  • Once an employee paid out his HELP debt


    We have an employee who recently paid off his HELP Debt, to stop paying additional PAYG to ATO, can I just simply untick the box where it says Study and Training Support Loan under the TFN Declarations Tab in Micropay (Employee-Tax Details-TFN…

  • Leave - Transaction Import Specifications


    I need to add the 'rate type' into a leave entry on the import file and also change a pay class in the leave transaction but cant figure out how.

    The Transaction Import Specifications guide doesn't have this as an option, does this mean its…

  • Making the most of the holidays

    I bet that got your attention!

    This has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone, especially those working in the Payroll, Human Resources, and Finance spheres.  You have been working long hours, under difficult circumstances, coping with fast-paced…

  • STP Update - myGov showing 2020-21

    I processed STP Update for financial year ending 30/06/2020 for my employer today and when I’ve checked my personal myGov account the final pay update is showing as 2020-21 with a period 01/07/2020 to 30/06/2020.  The 2019-20 year is showing as not…

  • Are you using MicrOpay effectively?

    Are you using MicrOpay effectively?  

    Take a few self-assessments to determine if you are using MicrOpay in the most effective and efficient way. 

    ●  Tax and Terminations
    ●  Searching for Information
    ●  Costing
    ●  Payroll Processing
    ●  Additions and Deductions

  • Do we pay every fortnight the TOPUP of our monthly paid staff and pay a normal wage on the 15th of the month per normal?

    We have just enrolled in JobKeeper so for my monthly staff, I need to:

    1. JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 for ALL monthly staff

    2. But only pay the TOPUP for those monthly staff earning less than $1500 per fortnight for April

    3. PLUS pay the TOPUP for the 3rd week…

  • Upgrade advice - Sage Micropay 8.2 SP1 B1


    We're currently on Sage Micropay 8.1 SP1 B1 and wanted to know if we can skip the upgrade to 8.2 SP1 and go straight to 8.2 SP1 B1. Scanned through the release notes and the online KBs but didn't see it mentioned.

    Let me know please.


  • MicrOpay End of Year instruction 2019

    Image of instruction opening slide

    Well we've already begun classroom training in Sage MicrOpay End of Year and I've just completed the online interactive version of the course which will soon be made available via:

    Sage Training

    The course explores the changes to your end of…