Safeguard your business from salary underpayments

As of 1st March 2020, employers must meet new compliance obligations regarding their annual salary arrangements to ensure no employee is worse off than they would have been under a relevant award. Transgression can result in criminal charges, heavy fines and reputational risk.

If you pay any of your staff a salary, it’s likely you may have new legal obligations regarding how salaries should be calculated and reported upon. The Fair Work Ombudsman has warned companies to take action to ensure they are compliant and not being aware of the rules “is not an excuse.”

Achieve compliance in as little as 2 days*

Sage Employee Service (SES) safeguards your business against salary underpayments. It is a packaged cloud-based solution that can be deployed from as little as 2 days* that enables your organisation to be compliant with Fair Work Australia’s annual salary arrangement mandate.

Sage Employee Service includes the three building blocks required to ensure compliance from:

  • Streamlining the CAPTURE of employee time and attendance records
  • INTERPRETING these against the relevant modern award (included within the software)
  • COMPARING the interpreted data against an employee’s annual salary to identify any underpayments.

Along with any device, anytime access to capture and approve timesheets, Sage Employee Service includes visual dashboards enabling stakeholders to identify any risk of underpayments prior to them being an issue.

Take this quick Compliance Assessment to understand if your business is impacted or visit our dedicated product page HERE