Making the most of the holidays

I bet that got your attention!

This has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone, especially those working in the Payroll, Human Resources, and Finance spheres.  You have been working long hours, under difficult circumstances, coping with fast-paced changes like never before.

For some Payroll & HR professionals, this is their busiest time of the year with seasonal casuals and new permanent staff being onboarded, creating a huge increase in transactions.

For others, it is time to make the most of Christmas production shutdowns and enjoy a well-earned break.

No matter what is in store for you, here are some things to consider now to ensure your summer runs as smoothly as possible.

Don’t leave Leave until the last minute

November and December typically see Payroll/HR team members handling a high number of employee & management enquiries:

  • How much Annual Leave do I have now and how much will I accrue before Easter?
  • When will my team members be away? 
  • I didn’t approve of that employee taking leave – can you tell them it’s canceled?

There is an easy way to empower your employees and team leaders to manage their leave and remove these enquiries from your inbox. 

The Sage Employee Self Service portal enables your employees to:

  • View their leave balances and apply for leave
  • Upload medical certificates for Sick Leave
  • Access previous pay advices and payment summaries
  • Update their unavailability
  • Maintain and update their contact, superannuation, and bank account details
  • Allows managers to see their team’s upcoming leave at a glance
  • Trackable leave applications and approvals

Just think of how many hours you will gain by allowing your employees to handle these tasks without your assistance!

For more information, please contact the Inside Sales team at [email protected]

Planning ahead

For those planning to complete pay cycles in advance, remember that there is a change in Jobkeeper payments effective from Monday, January 4th, 2021.  For more information on Jobkeeper, ask our helpful chatbot Pegg in Sage WageEasy or Sage MicrOpay or search for FAQ – Jobkeeper on Sage Knowledgebase.

Superannuation contributions made quarterly will also be due at the end of December so make sure you prepare your EFT file for submission to your Superannuation Clearing House.

Ask your management team if they have plans to pay any bonuses and commissions before the holiday season.  Our help desk team handle numerous last-minute enquiries on bonus payments each year – make sure you are prepared well in advance! 

Another request which is often overlooked is EOFY reporting for companies with overseas-based head offices.  Communicate with your Finance or regional Management team now to find out what information they will require from you for their reporting.  You can copy, modify and save an existing IQ report in Sage MicrOpay to your specific requirements now and run them when required. 

You can also use the Report Job Manager in Sage MicrOpay to help lighten your workload.  The Report Job Manager allows you to group selected reports which can be sent to different areas of the business or that need to be run at the same time. Groups of reports are known as Jobs and can be scheduled to run at a set time / date or as required.

 Our Learning Services team has up to date training courses available for enrolment if you need to refresh your skills in processing:

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