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Sage HandiTax 2020 V1.08 release announcement Notice 20-A 173 | 05 November 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of Sage HandiTax 2020 v1.08. This web update should only be installed if 2020 Version 1.00 of the software has been installed.  

Note: If you are not the person who downloads and installs new releases, please forward this notice to the correct person in your company.

Upgrade now to receive the benefit of the following resolutions and enhancements: 



  • Updated the PLS System(SBR) digital SSL/TLS certificates. The current digital certificates will expire on the 19th November 2020 19:00 AEDT whereby after the expiry date a connection to the ATO via SBR cannot be made. The ATO have issued the latest digital certificates and to ensure continuity of the SBR lodgment service, installation of the latest Sage HandiTax release is required.
    Installing this version prior to the expiry date of the existing certificate will allow continuous ability to utilise the ATO SBR services via Sage HandiTax.
  • Latest ATO SBR specifications for Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) 2020 Package V1.6 applied.
  • Form I Item 13 updated to enable National Rental Affordability Scheme input without requiring Partnership/Trust details
    • Use code "N" for Partnership/Trust/NRAS.
  • Business worksheet new fields added for transfer to Item 2 (Forms P/T only)
    • New fields are "Significant global entity" and "Country by country reporting entity".
  • Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) maximum number of payees increased from 30 to 50.
  • Activity Statements Prefill updated to allow 0% rate for Item T2.
  • F4 Tax Calculator 2020-21 tax rates updated per 2020 Budget changes.


  • Form I
    • Managed Funds worksheet
      • Rounding of amounts transferred revised to resolve various validation errors.
      • Invalid trust distribution action code C ("Special Disability Trust") has been removed.
    • Foreign Income worksheet
      • Check for maximum of 10 entries for each Part A/B/C added per ATO specifications.

Lump Sum in-arrears amounts transfer to Form I revised to allow for multiple instances.

Download the release 

Click the following link for the download:
HandiTax v1.08

Release notes 

You can find further information on the new features, enhancements and fixes in the Release Notes