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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sage 300CRE and Sage Estimating application failure caused by recent Cylance antivirus update

Please be advised that a recent update to Cylance antivirus has caused application failures across both Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage Estimating. 


For Sage 300 CRE Accounting: Modules/Applications do not open or goes into a not responding state on the workstation. The server does not have this issue.

For Sage Estimating: Application does not open and this is happening at the server and workstation.


Cylance antivirus has an update that was pushed out that is causing Sage applications to not open when launched directly on workstation installs or through the desktop application.


Some customers have been able to roll back the version of Cylance where others had to uninstall Cylance to get Sage working again.

For further information or testing on the Cylance issue please reach out to your Cylance vendor directly.

So far the known version of Cylance with this issue appears to be version 2.1.1580.42, but there may be other versions causing the problem that we are not aware of yet.

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